Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring magic, Swiss Style

Friday 11 May 2012

Last Saturday, our weekly trip to the Oerlikon Market was accompanied by rain - a fair bit of rain ...

... which explains why I was dresssed like this.

Fashion shmashion, I was dry!

The day didn't seem to be improving when we got halfway home and I discovered I'd left my bouquet of freesias and tulips behind when I picked up some vegetables. If it had been anywhere but Zurich, I'd have given them up for lost. But this is Switzerland, and I knew my flowers would be waiting for me at the stand. And I was right. You gotta love the Swiss.

The day continued to improve markedly when our friends Dottie and Laurie suggested a drive through the spring countryside to go to Seleger Moors, a wonderful private park open only in the spring to show off their awesome collection of rhododendrums and azaleas with some water lilies and frogs thrown in for good measure.

Although not yet at their prime, the blossoms were glorious.

even the leaves were lovely!

The reflections of sky and trees in the water were Monet inspired.

But, as always, it was the company that made the day.

Laurie chose back roads on the way home and we marveled at the scenery, everything from snow covered peaks to quaint villages to sky and lake, with a few snails thrown in for good measure.


Back at our apartment building, we all trooped upstairs for an impromptu roasted chicken dinner. Yum.

Days just don't get any better than this.